The Ultimate Style Guide for Men and Women’s Shoes

The Ultimate Style Guide for Men and Women’s Shoes

When you find a style of shoes that you love, you might be tempted to wear them with every outfit. Although fashion rules are made to be broken, some styles should never be worn with certain outfits or on particular occasions. While sneakers may have become more common for business-casual attire, they’ll not get you into a fine dining restaurant. Different styles of heels come with their own rules, often depending on your height. 

Our styling guide takes you through the most popular shoe styles for men and women. We’re talking all about the different outfits you can wear them with and what occasions you can and can’t wear them to. Make sure to bookmark this page so that you always know how to style your latest pair of shoes.


Boots are one style of shoe that is in a league of their own. While we often think of them as winter shoes, some styles can be worn as transitional shoes to see you from autumn to winter and through to spring. The variety of heights and materials mean that you have to give a little extra thought when styling your boots – for both men and women.

Ankle boots

If you’re looking for a style with versatility, check out ankle boots. They’ll work for almost every occasion, except for formal events where women will want to swap out for heels and men for Oxford shoes. 

While ankle boots can vary from Chelsea boots to a heeled style, most work perfectly with jeans or fitted trousers. Depending on your style, you can tuck your jeans into the shaft or let them lay over the boots.

For women, ankle boots can be the perfect alternative to heels to wear with dresses or skirts. While ankle boots can sometimes give the illusion of shortening your height, you can offset this by choosing a skirt or dress that ends just below your knee or above.

For men, versatile ankle boots can take you from a day at the office to drinks with friends. They’re a staple of the smart casual look and work with either trousers or jeans. Adding a button-up shirt or a classic sweater can elevate your look. Lace-up and Chelsea boots can give you more styling options, especially if you can pick up a style in patent leather.

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Knee-high boots

Knee-high boots take their inspiration from the equestrian boots worn by jockeys. While you’ll occasionally find men wearing the style, they’re usually a go-to choice for women during the colder months. They’re an easy way to keep your legs warm without compromising on style.

The rules for wearing knee-high boots are like ankle boots, but it depends on the style. If you’re wearing patent leather boots with a longer dress, you could wear them for a fancier occasion, like a meal at a fine dining restaurant.

If you’re planning on wearing trousers, you want a style that you can tuck into the knee-high boots. Think of how equestrian boots are styled with riding trousers. You want to keep a fitted silhouette and choose knee high boots with a wide enough shaft to accommodate your calves and trousers. 

For lovers of vintage-inspired fashion, or if you want a bohemian twist, style your knee-high boots with a dress or skirt. You usually want to choose a style with a longer silhouette. If you're wearing a mini dress or shorter skirt, it’s usually better to choose boots that come above your knee. You can help elongate your figure by choosing a dress or skirt silhouette that ends below the top of your boots.

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Heeled boots

While flat boots are a popular style, most of the boots you’ll find on the market have a heel. You’ll see everything from skinny stiletto heels to block heels and even structural styles. The beauty of heeled boots is that they can take a casual boot style and elevate them. If you want more versatility with your boots or want to wear them to the office, heeled boots 

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You’ll find a heel on every style of boot, from knee-high styles to ankle boots. If you’re a man who wants a little height boost, look for ankle boots with a low block heel to give you the illusion of extra height.




Sneakers are one style of shoe that everyone seems to be living in. They’re a staple in the world of streetwear, with most styles being unisex. As fashion becomes more casual, you can usually wear sneakers for most day-to-day occasions. While they’re comfortable for commuting, you’ll want to swap into a loafer or oxford shoe before heading into the office.

If you’re looking to take a suit and dress it down, sneakers are an easy way to swap up the look. Women can wear sneakers with everything from athleisure outfits to a maxi dress or jeans and a t-shirt. If you’re a man and want a polished look, wear your sneakers with fitted trousers and add a button-up shirt, polo shirt, or a sweater to finish off your look.

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Sneakers are the go-to style when you want to keep an outfit casual or if you’re prioritising comfort. They make great investment shoes as they’ll see you through every season.




If you need to slip out of your sneakers and into something more elevated, it has to be heels. No two heels are made the same, and you want to consider their walkability. Not everyone can walk in the same style of heel, so you’ll want to experiment to find your perfect match. Heels are a go-to choice for occasion wear or if you’re looking to impress at the office. 

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Wearing heels is an easy way to elongate your silhouette and give you the illusion of a slimmer figure. They’re one of the most versatile shoes, meaning you can wear them with everything from jeans to a ball gown. The secret to styling heels is finding a pair that is your perfect fit and that you can walk in for at least a few hours.


Are you ready to update your shoe closet? We hope this styling guide has given you inspiration for how to style these versatile shoes. Explore our newest arrivals below.